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  • Exclusive Interview with Ciré 

    What was it like growing up in New Orleans? Growing up in New Orleans was a lot of fun, but it was challenging. My early years were shielded with motherly love and close family. I grew up in some of the toughest [...]

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    Ciré Second Lines His Way Into Internet Radio

    New Orleans is known for its vibrant celebration. On Sunday, February 3, 2019, Ciré second lines into Internet radio. Tone for Tony by Ciré featuring Nicholas Payton was heard in its entirety for the first time [...]

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    Debut Album by Ciré is Off the Chain

    Integrated Compositions Sea Breeze Records is proud to announce the official release of "Integrated Compositions" the debut album from Ciré. Appropriately named, Integrated Compositions is a combination of genres [...]

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